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This slimy company has called my home phone all times of the day, night and on weekends to speak to a Kay Gommel who doesn't live here and I have never known.

This has been going on now for about three months, even though I've repeated informed VanRu callers she doesn't live at this phone number.

To no avail,I've requested my number to be removed from their call list in every way imaginable way: following their automated instructions, I've touched the number 1 to indicate they've got the wrong number; I've pleaded; I've immediately hung up on; I've ignored messages left on my answering machine; I've cursed out; and I've even threatened to call my state attorney general - nothing works!

Sometimes I'm told my number will be removed - yeah right! I'm being ignored and unnecessarily harassed while this Kay Gomel character is sitting around somewhere in peace and quiet when she's not out charging *** she can't pay for and giving out my number.

The most humiliating part of all this is that VanRu did the same thing for about six months a year ago - yes, asking for Kay Gomel! They stopped when I threatened to sue.

On second thought though, maybe I should get caller id with memory and recording capability so I can show proof of their disregard, unprofessional sleazy tactics and over-the-top harassment and actually follow thru with my threat.

That way the table will be turned, and it will their *** some bill collector (my lawyer)continually call any ole time and all the time, demanding payment for money and damages awarded to me via a victorious lawsuit!

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